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Technology Partners

HHT has partnered with leading digitization and technology firms, and as a result has been able to deliver industry standard digitization quality from day one. HHT partners has helped shape our technology, processes, and techniques, and together we have successfully converted thousands of documents and developed eLearning curricula.

Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc.

Data Conversion Laboratory, Incorporated (DCL) prepares content for electronic distribution on the Web by converting it to structured formats like PDF, IPDF, XML, SGML, and HTML. DCL specializes in the implementation and management of large, complex conversion projects. DCL conversion processes accommodate virtually all to-and-from word processing and typesetting formats. DCL will operate within the NADCP under separate second-tier subcontracts awarded by the first-tier IITC subcontractor firms HHT, MHA Systems, and ZCRE.
Dimension4, Inc.
Founded in 1991 and based in Seattle, Washington, Dimension4's (D4) experienced team of programmers, engineers and geo-spatial professionals employ a proprietary process, IntelligrafTM, to provide a wide range of data and intelligent graphic services to industrial and Government clients. These services are diverse and include: data conversion for complex engineering and geo-spatial applications, 3D modeling, systems development and integration of technical data management solutions. D4 has become the world's leader in unlocking information contained in graphical documents and computer files and transforming this information into intelligent, user-friendly applications. As industry and the Government move to ever more complex systems, these smart applications are increasingly relied upon to reduce costs by improving safety, increasing reliability, and reducing training and operation expenses.
Referentia Systems Incorporated
Referentia Systems Incorporated is teamed with strategic industry, government and academic partners worldwide to combine applied research and development exertise with proven commercialization capabilities.  Referentia delivers high quality products and servies that meet real-world needs, with a focus on defense and homeland security.
The Referentia mission is to provide their customers with relevant advanced technology solutions to their most critical and complex problems; and create an inspiring and fulfilling team environment for our employees.

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