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You Too Can Support 2,000 Years of Good Ideas!

Profits from HHT help support the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement and its Hawaiian Way Fund. Why do we do this? It's quite simple. Every day in our communities, Native Hawaiian organizations tirelessly work to keep our culture vibrant through cultural, educational, health, housing, environmental, and economic programs. We have all been touched by these groups--a child's triumphant smile mastering a first hula move, a Hawaiian language immersion school graduating a class of proud and capable youth, a group of elders teaching the art of fishpond restoration. We owe them much.

Yet these organizations survive year to year on shoestring budgets and many rely on high rates of volunteerism. The Hawaiian Way Fund, created by CNHA, is but a small way for us to support them, as they have so generously nurtured us. We challenge you to stand with us and say "YES" to programs that make a difference like the Annual Native Hawaiian Conference. Say "YES" to training that builds the capacities of our community groups. And say "YES" to direct financial assistance that will encourage even more innovate programs for our ohana.

We invite you to join us and help support a truly special 2,000 year history by sharing a little with the Hawaiian Way Fund.

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