Our Staff

CNHA Staff is dedicated to the CNHA mission. We unify the political, economic, community, and cultural knowledge of our member organizations to advance Native Hawaiians.

Executive Team


Michelle Kauhane

President & CEO Telephone: (808) 596-8155 Email: michelle@hawaiiancouncil.org
Michelle leads CNHA with more than 20 years of management experience in both the private and nonprofit sectors. As an advocate on Native Hawaiian issues, she has extensive knowledge in affordable housing, lending, financial education and community development. More Info
Napali Woode, Senior VP / CFO

Napali Woode

Senior Vice President and CFO Telephone: 808-596-8155 Email: napali@hawaiiancouncil.org
Napali is Hawaiian, a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, and the manager of all fiscal responsibilities at CNHA. He uses decades of fiscal management experience at the local, national, and international levels to support programs that serve Native Hawaiians. More Info



Kehau Meyer

Program Manager Telephone: (808) 596-8155 Extension 111 Email: kehau@hawaiiancouncil.org

Geri Mendiola

Program Manager Telephone: 808-596-8155 Extension 104 Email: geri@hawaiiancouncil.org

Maricris Abad

Senior Project Accountant Telephone: 808-596-8155 Email: maricris@hawaiiancouncil.org

Angie Aipoalani

Project Accountant Telephone: 808-596-8155 Email: angie@hawaiiancouncil.org

Maria Gray

Project Accountant Telephone: 808-596-8155 Email: maria@hawaiiancouncil.org