Our Board

Executive Board Team

  • Chairman: Alvin Parker
  • Vice Chairman: Billy Ornellas
  • Treasurer: Kehau Filimoeatu
  • Secretary: Li Garcia Ballard


ʻAha Pūnana Leo

Expires: 2016 Reps: Namaka Rawlins more info ʻO ka hana a ka ʻohana Pūnana Leo, ʻo ia ka hoʻokumu, hoʻolako, a mālama i nā kaiapuni ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi like ʻole. ʻO nā ʻohana ke ola o ia mau kaiapuni, a ma ke aloha akua, aloha ʻōlelo, aloha lāhui, aloha ʻāina, a me ke aloha naʻauao e pono ai kākou.

Association of Hawaiians for Homestead Lands

Expires: 2016 Reps: Skippy Ioane more info Contact us for more info about this member.

Na Pualei o Likolehua

Expires: 2015 Reps: Leina‘ala Kalama Heine; Piilani Hanohano (alternate) more info Na Pualei o Likolehua is dedicated to training young women in the art of hula and Hawaiian culture. Its mission is to prepare young women to become kumu hula, practitioners of Hawaiian culture and to carry on the traditions surrounding hula. The organization strives to uphold the values of traditional protocol to remain actively responsible to the ‘aina and to empower the Hawaiian people through education.

Friends of Moku‘ula, Inc.

Expires: 2016 Reps: Hokulani Holt-Padila; Blossom Feteira (alternate) more info The Friends of Mokuʻula are dedicated to breathing new life into the sacred site of Mokuʻula, Maui. In a multi-phased project, the nonprofit organization is committed to restoring the royal complex at Mokuʻula and working with governmental entities to revive the pond of Mokuhinia.

Homestead Community Development Corporation

Expires: 2016 Reps: Kipukai Kualii; Myrna Bucasas (alternate) more info Contact us for more info about this member.

Makuʻu Farmers Association

Expires: 2015 Reps: Pualani Fernandez; Shirley Pedro (alternate) more info Contact us for more info about this member.

Ka ʻOhana O Kalaupapa

Expires: 2016 Reps: Sol Kahoʻohalahala; Valerie Monson (alternate) more info Ka ʻOhana O Kalaupapa was established in August, 2003, as a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the value and dignity of every individual who was exiled to the Kalaupapa peninsula beginning in 1866.

Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation

Expires: 2016 Reps: Moses K.N. Haia, III; Ihilani Chu (alternate) more info The Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation (NHLC) is the only non-profit, public interest law firm, concentrating in the unique area of Native Hawaiian Rights law. NHLC provides legal assistance to families and communities engaged in perpetuating the culture and traditions of Hawaiʻi's indigenous people.

Na Mea Hawai‘i/Native Books (Diversity Seat)

Expires: 2015 Reps: Maile Meyer more info Na Mea Hawai‘i (Native Books) is a community resource devoted to providing opportunities for Hawaiians who make cultural products and hand-made items to sustain themselves economically. As a retail partner, Na Mea Hawai‘i offers venues in Kaka‘ako, Honolulu, Waikiki and downtown Honolulu for Hawaiian producers. The organization is focused on bringing raw materials needed for cultural products to market, teaching classes and workshops on how to make products, and learning more about customary Native practices.

Kanaka Maoli o Kaleponi

Expires: 2016 Reps: Andrew Ah Po; Tammy Moana Silva (alternate) more info Kanaka Maoli o Kaleponi acts as a community outreach and resource and referral network for the California Native Hawaiian community for the purpose of initiating community development and capacity building programs focused on improving and enhancing the cultural, educational, employment, health, and overall socio-economic status of Native Hawaiians to help them achieve self-sufficiency through self-governance.

Papakolea Community Development Corporation

Expires: 2016 Reps: Lilia Kapuniai more info Papakolea Community Development Corporation was organized to provide residents of the Papakolea, Kalawahine and Kewalo Hawaiian Homesteads with a full range of comprehensive services which would include, but not be limited to life-long educational experiences; health and wellness services; human services; and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Hawaiian Community Assets

Expires: 2016 Reps: Jeff Gilbreath; Kehau Filimoeatu (alternate) more info Hawaiian Community Assets (HCA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that uses homeownership as a tool to build, strengthen, and sustain Hawaiian families and communities for future generations. HCA is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and Hawaii's only non-profit mortgage broker.

Ka Waihona O Ka Naʻauao PCS

Expires: 2015 Reps: Alvin N. Parker; Misipati Krapani, Jr. (alternate) more info The mission of Na Lei Na‘auao Native Hawaiian Charter School Alliance is to establish models of education throughout the Hawaiian Islands which are community-designed and controlled and reflect, respect, and embrace Hawaiian cultural values, philosophies, and ideologies.

ʻAhahui Siwila Hawaiʻi O Kapolei

Expires: 2016 Reps: Lance Holden; Melissa Lyman (alternate) more info ʻAhahui Siwila Hawaiʻi O Kapolei, kupaʻāina of Honouliuli is rooted with the kuleana to assure that cultural traditions and practices of nā ʻoiwi o Hawaiʻi are perpetuated by promoting cultural awareness and providing educational opportunities and an authentic Hawaiian presence in the Native community.

Native Hawaiian Economic Alliance

Expires: 2016 Reps: William Ornellas; Li Garcia-Ballard (alternate); Austin Nakoa (alternate) more info The Native Hawaiian Economic Alliance is a collaborative partnership of Native Hawaiian businesses and nonprofit organizations whose goals are to increase the amount of work for Native Hawaiian firms; to enhance employment and career opportunities for Hawaii residents; to foster leadership and innovation through education, training and mentoring; to diversify and develop the capacity of Hawaii’s local business economy; and to promote sound economic and community development.

Mālama O Kōloa

Expires: 2015 Reps: Teddy Blake; Haunani Kaiminaʻauao (alternate); Ken Posney (alternate) more info - Preserving and Restoring the HAWAIIAN CULTURE
- Creating a safe environment for our COMMUNITY
- Reducing traffic congestion with TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS

I Mua Group (Diversity Seat)

Expires: 2016 Reps: Judge Mel Soong (retired); Bob Moore (alternate); Eddie Lee (alternate) more info The I Mua Groups aims to improve and maintain the quality of life of the kanaka maoli.

Native Hawaiian Political Action Committee

Expires: 2016 Reps: Robin Danner more info The Native Hawaiian Political Action Committee (NHPAC) was established in October 2008 to put into office policy makers that will protect and advance the interests of Native Hawaiians. We are committed to encouraging the next generation of public servants and advancing voter education and registration.

Sovereign Councils of the Hawaiian Homelands Assembly

Expires: 2015 Reps: Kali Watson more info Mission: To preserve life and liberty and property of its beneficiaries by providing for practice, preservation of our culture, our Ohana, our rights and freedom of traditional worship and beliefs as the traditional heirs of the lands. | Goal: To unite under the menu of all Hawaii Nei, protect, preserve and defend the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act of 1920, As amended.

Kaho‘olawe Island Reserve Commission

Expires: 2016 Reps: Michael Naho‘opi‘i; Carol-Marie Kaonohi Lee (alternate) more info The mission of Kaho‘olawe Island Reserve Commission is to provide a meaningful, safe use of Kaho‘olawe for traditional and cultural practices of the Native Hawaiian people, and to undertake the restoration of the island and its waters.